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Meet dynamic flexing requirements

flexible circuits can be designed to reliably undergo millions of flexings without failure and fit into spaces that no other interconnect can. Ultra-light and high flexing ability enable dynamic application such as VCD pick-up head ink-jet printer head, disk drive reader and etc.


Eliminate connectors   

replacement for traditional cabling in point-to-point interconnects. Flex-rigid board is much more reliable than traditional wiring method. Soldering the flexible circuits directly to the mated assembly is another way to eliminate mechanical connectors.


Easier installation and service

for equipment maintenance, there are no bulky harness looms to be removed. Access, removal and replacement are all made easier.


Improve manufacturing yield and reliability

flexible circuits are custom-built. thus they are easily fitted and wiring errors are avoidable. Assembly and inspection times are reduced and rework is eliminated.


Reduce assembly costs

flexible circuits slash assembly cost and administrative cost in both subtle and obvious way. Wiring is made simple, one order to be placed, one incoming inspection and one set of track record.


Improve aesthetics of your product

offering the designer tremendous scope and versatility to address the total electrical packaging with its flexing ability and ultra-light nature leading to sleek design.


Reduce weight and space

significant weight and space reduction is achieved when compared to equivalent hard wiring. flexible circuits enable high density electrical interconnection and reduce space requirements by as much as 80%.


Electrical characteristics control

standardisation and repeatability can be designed into a circuits. Electrical characteristics - capacitance, impedance, cross-talk will be consistent from batch to batch.


Thermal management for greater operating temperature range

through its natural sandwiched and thin construction, flex can easily dissipate heat. more precise thermal control can be achieved.


In applications demanding plug-in type connections

specialized mechanical connectors are used with flexible circuits. Types of connectors commonly used are zero insertion force(ZIF), pressure contact stiffened and piercing.




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