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RoHS compliant, IPC standard & UL certified, low cost with quality assurance

ROHS compliant flexible printed circuits, RoHS fpc, flex with UL & QS9000 certified,  producing flexible circuits, flexcircuits for MNCs. Low cost, good quality, flexible volume.








 Why buying from Suiwa? Our flexible solutions:

1.       Compliance with RoHS,WEEE Waste treatment - Heavy investment on waste treatment, compliant with global environment policies.

2.       Language - No language barrier, English and Chinese proficient product development teams, enables bilateral communication flows for domestic and foreign customers.

3.       Reduce cost - Buying directly from China with lower cost. It could be more than 50% cheaper than your existing suppliers. Find it up!

4.       Quality - Putting quality as our foremost priority to sustain our competitive edge. Strong track of records in quality system management.

5.       Delivery – speedy delivery with fast turnover of prototype samples and production.

6.       Veteran product development engineering - render great help in improving your circuits design regardless prototype or mass production.

7.       Multi-national manufacturing base - Located in China &India provide greater and synergistic supports.

8.       International level infrastructure - Located in one of the five special economic zones in China - Xiamen. 5 minutes traveling distance from the international Xiamen Airport.







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